Reducing Allergens

How to reduce allergens in your home

Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation and not a source of irritation and health risk. One of the major reasons that can bring about this is allergens. Wondering how to get rid of them? Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Deal with molds

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Doing away with molds should be the number one priority. Remember there are over 100,000 species of mold and they thrive in moist places. One of their favorite places is in the bathroom and kitchen. In the bathroom, make sure it is cleaned regularly and there is no still water. Always dry the place and also replace any broken tiles. In the kitchen, empty the cabinet under the sink and look for any signs of leaks, rodent droppings, and webs. Have the leaks fixed and the cabinets cleaned well. To also discourage mold growth, sinks and tubs should be replaced every few years.

Do away with drapes

Drapes harbor a lot of allergens as compared to blinds because they are mainly fabric. However, most people still find it hard to let go of them because of the different designs which add to the beauty of the house. If you are one such person, then at least go for machine washable kind which is easy to keep dust-free. If not, just get the blinds and issues to do with dust will be greatly reduced.

Improve your ventilation and air circulation.

Smooth air circulation is one of the best ways of winning the war against allergens. First, make sure that the house is well ventilated in addition to having ducts which have no leaks. When it comes to air conditioning, the ideal option is using HEPA filters. If you are also having fans which just recirculates air inside the house, you might have to consider getting exhaust fans which will actually take the dust particles outside.

Reduce the clutter

It is natural for us to hold onto stuff that we do not use. This can be magazines, newspapers, old clothes and rags just to name a few. Such stuff provides the perfect place for allergens to build up in addition to
making the cleaning process more difficult. Get rid of them and you will realize that cleaning will be much easier and efficient. One area of interest should be your bedroom since that is where you spend several hours every single night.

Choose your landscaping carefully

This might come as a surprise to many people but the choice of plants and trees to have in your compound is very important. Certain allergenic trees like male maple, birch, and male ash should be avoided. Instead, you can have the less allergenic types like magnolia and dogwood. When it comes
to flowers, the low allergenic ones include viola, scabiosa, astilbe, hosta among others.

With this few pointers, you will be able to reduce allergens in your home with much ease. It is the high time we did away with allergens for good.



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