More on Cleaning Chemicals


Everyone detests a dirty and stinky home. Employing the use of home cleaning chemicals means we expect superb results. A sparkling and fresh space is what we crave for. On the other hand, great health is great wealth. Here is a question to keep your mind whirling-Are
home cleaning chemicals harmful to my health?

Definitely! Prolonged use and failure to follow manufacturer’s rules is detrimental health wise. Among these cleaning agents are bleaches, soaps, fabric softeners and conditioners. Whereas these products work to leave a dazzling effect, our health is affected instantly or gradually. Talk of the uncontrollable sneezing episodes and the annoying feeling of having a runny nose and teary eyes from the strong scent and fragrance of chemicals. As a result, home users develop conjunctiva rhinitis- an allergy that affects the breathing system. In the presence of asthmatic individuals, the home cleaning chemicals may trigger an attack. Let them stay outdoors to be safe.

Cancer is among the most feared monsters. Long term use of certain ingredients like mercury or hydroquinone found in certain cleaning agents may make users victims of cancer someday. Mostly used in bleaches, frequent direct contact with the said ingredients is hazardous. Avoid using home cleaning chemicals with toxic substances to prevent chances of getting cancer while doing daily cleaning.

Beware of serious burns that can be caused by some home cleaning chemicals. Such cases may arise when you get directly in contact with detergents containing a very high percentage of chlorine or ammonia. Always use protective gear like hand gloves, gumboots and overalls while cleaning your home. Better safe than sorry. A spill on your skin can lead to a burn or terrible irritations resulting to scratching. It is wise to carefully read instructions on the manufacturer leaflet before using any cleaning chemicals.

A germ-free home is what we all want for our families and guests. However, the germs might have been killed and in the process kill us too. We dislike hospital visits but never think of the aftermath of glossy floors, sinks and kitchen surfaces. Reason enough to puzzle-Are home cleaning chemicals harmful to my health? The human body is made of a chemical structure that relays messages to the brain called hormones. Some cleaning chemicals contain substances that disrupt hormones and could obstruct hormone performance. Both male and female genders are at risk. Occurrences like testicles being undescended-a condition called cryptorchidism and the urethra being position below the penis-hypospadias are among the common effects of disrupted hormones.

I know you do not want to die. Death can be brought about by ingestion of home cleaning chemicals. Be careful especially when having children around. Storage of these home cleaning detergents should be a sensitive concern to all home users. Place chemicals on a high shelf away from direct sunlight. While home cleaning, protecting your entire body is vital. Have a face mask always to keep your mouth and eyes fully covered. Remember to wash your hands, protective gear and equipment used for cleaning thoroughly with warm water and soap. Rinse! Rinse! Rinse with lots of clean water before handling anything.

Safe and happy cleaning!



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